Different types of electric smoker bbq thermometers


BBQ smoker thermometers come in different types. These meat thermometers can either be used to check the temperature of the meat (meat probe) or the cooking temperature. Some electric smokers even have both the meat probe and the cooking thermometer. The meat thermometers are meant to withstand higher temperatures because they are usually dipped inside the meat.

Some oven-prove electric smoker thermometers can be kept in the meat throughout the cooking process. You don’t have any need to dip and remove again. These usually have higher temperature settings than others.

How to select a good thermometer

Digital electric smoker thermometers are now the rave of the moment. They come in different sizes and models. Some have alarms and wireless technology while others may just be simple models using digital readers.

The instant read thermometers are also very common because they are portable and very easy to use. If you are cooking larger cuts of meat, this type will be ideal to use. They are operated with batteries, which is why they are usually called battery thermometers.

Infrared thermometers

These use infrared technology to transmit heat readings. This type for thermometer is most commonly used in industrial food sectors. However, they can be used at homes too.

They make use of point-and-shoot operation. Most do have laser light technology to help users effectively target the infrared beam. Users can determine the temperature levels when they know the level of infrared energy the electric smoker emits.

Wireless Probe thermometers

These are ideal for BBQ smoking. You can check the real time temperature with these models by leaving then inside the meat. It reads and updates whenever there is a change in the meat temperature. With this thermometer you don’t need to disturb the meat, s the probe is permanently placed in the meat until is cooked.

Thermometers with Smart App enablement

To make things a little more interesting and convenient, some temperatures can be linked to your smart app. With these types, you don’t need to stay close to the electric smoker. You can quickly check on the temperature by looking at your smart phone. Once the temperature reaches the limit, there is beep sound that will inform you. This makes sure you are still watching over your food even though you are not very close.


One good thing about thermometers is the fact that they are very easy to read. With the light indicator, you will be able to see the temperature level. Even the meat probes are easy to use. BBQ smoking is an enjoyable experience if you cook with the right electric smother. Of course, a thermometer is one of the most important features in your smoker. It will help you cook the meat to the right done level.

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