Buttonscotch Egg


The awesome power of butterscotch.

Sit down in front of our Buttonscotch egg and something incredible happens: the world around you seems to disappear, and you lose yourself in crunchy, golden butterscotch pieces and white chocolate buttons.

To create this stunning Easter experience, we pushed every limit, considered every detail and enhanced this egg in astonishing ways.

Bring on the butterscotch.

Bring on the butterscotch.
The delicious crunchy butterscotch chips are created in Snowdonia, Wales where the golden brown sugar and butter is boiled to 146°C.
Smooth buttons.

Smooth buttons.
Creamy, velvet-like, vanilla white chocolate is used to make our gorgeous buttons. Each one, carefully selected and set amongst the golden crunchy chocolate-coated butterscotch pieces.
The power of the ring.

The power of the ring.
A unique shimmering and golden chocolate ring encircles the nest of crunchy butterscotch chips and velvety white chocolate buttons on our Buttonscotch Egg.

Which egg is for you?

Some eggs were designed to be eaten. These are no eggs-ception.

Your local Easter Egg‑sperts.

Simply pop into your local store and ask one of our helpful Co-operative staff (most of them are chocolate-lovers).
They’ll happily show you where to find our Easter range in store.