A Triumph In Eggonomics


The ultimate Easter experience.

Introducing three stunning eggs for Easter. Created with precision, innovation and milk chocolate. Each egg in The Co-operative Loved by Us range is set to redefine your Easter experience. We’ve made incredible leaps in design at every level to create a range of beautifully crafted eggs. All ready to be eaten straight out of the box.

A range that will delight you.

From the polished chocolate shell to the specially selected ingredients, every single detail has been carefully considered.


Popcorn Egg

Definitely not built to last.

Engineered down to the very last detail. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of milk chocolate and salted popcorn pieces, that feels like one continuous surface.

Smooth ovoid shape.

The milk chocolate is spun for 10 minutes at 12 rotations every minute to create a gorgeous shell of true elliptical beauty.

Nuts about hazelnuts.

Nuts about hazelnuts.
The best and largest Belgian roasted hazelnuts are slowly caramelised in traditional open copper kettles. They just taste better that way.
Popcorn power.

Popcorn power.
The unpopped kernels are coated and popped in coconut oil to give the popcorn a delicious nutty flavour.
Visually stunning

Visually stunning.
We select three milk chocolate drops and place them by hand, on the front of our Popcorn Egg. Only the luckiest ones are chosen.

Popping Candy Egg

Unleash its hidden potential.

This is an egg like no other. Its tongue-tingling secret ingredient is almost too small to be seen with the naked eye; milk chocolate infused with popping candy. Powerful and alluring, all your senses are drawn to its vivid colours, gentle curves, and beautiful ovoid design.

Made for vegetarians.

All three of the irresistible chocolate eggs in our range are suitable for vegetarians. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.
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Amazing colours.

Amazing colours.
A combo of five of our favourite jelly beans, with 100% natural flavourings, brings a kaleidoscope of colour to this Easter party
Party in your mouth.

Party in your mouth.
Popping candy blended into the milk chocolate makes every bite a tingle-tastic, tap-dancing experience on your tastebuds.
Hi-definition crunch.

Hi-definition crunch.
Delicious milk chocolate beans encased in sugar-coated shells add to the advanced brightness and unique vibrancy of this colourful egg.