How to select the right electric smoker for beginners

If you are looking for the best electric smoker that will give you all you need for a perfect BBQ smoking experience, you are at the right place. These tips will help you decide over electric smoker vs wood smoker for beginners will provide tips for beginners who want to select the best electric smoker for their needs.

Why you should consider when buying an electric smoker.

If you are a new comer to the world of BBQ smoking, you may not really understand what you need. It’s normal. But as you dabble into the process, you will surely improve on your experience.  That being said, what should you consider the most when buying the best electric smoker? Good question.

First, you have to determine the size you need

Electric smokers come in different sizes. Some are for commercial purposes while others are for family use. If you are buying the electric smoker for family use, it  won’t be necessary to consider a big model. You can settle for an electric smoker with up to 700 square inches of cooking chamber. This size of smoker will be enough for family and a small party. Of course, the size usually reflects on the cost. So you will be getting a contented model while saving money in the process.

Digital electronics features

Technology has impacted on almost everything. Electric smokers are definitely not left out. These days, there are electric smokers that offer Smart technology. This means that you can control the temperature remotely with an app. The thermometer can be connected to the app through your smart phone or iphone while the smoker does what it does best. You can do other things while the electric smoker alerts you when the temperature has been reached.

This feature is particularly necessary for inexperienced users who may not have mastered the act of checking smoker temperature. Those who also want more convenience will love this feature. They can afford to do something else while their electric smoker cooks the meat to the right temperature. When the meat is fully done, there is usually a bleep or an alarm that notifies you to check on the meat.

Overall, there are more benefits of using an electric smoker over the conventional charcoal smoker. Beginners will learn the BBQ smoking process faster than when they are using a charcoal smoker. The simplicity and convenience makes it a popular choice for beginners. It you are looking for the best electric smoker, the tips above will help you select the most appropriate one for your need.

Different types of electric smoker bbq thermometers

BBQ smoker thermometers come in different types. These meat thermometers can either be used to check the temperature of the meat (meat probe) or the cooking temperature. Some electric smokers even have both the meat probe and the cooking thermometer. The meat thermometers are meant to withstand higher temperatures because they are usually dipped inside the meat.

Some oven-prove electric smoker thermometers can be kept in the meat throughout the cooking process. You don’t have any need to dip and remove again. These usually have higher temperature settings than others.

How to select a good thermometer

Digital electric smoker thermometers are now the rave of the moment. They come in different sizes and models. Some have alarms and wireless technology while others may just be simple models using digital readers.

The instant read thermometers are also very common because they are portable and very easy to use. If you are cooking larger cuts of meat, this type will be ideal to use. They are operated with batteries, which is why they are usually called battery thermometers.

Infrared thermometers

These use infrared technology to transmit heat readings. This type for thermometer is most commonly used in industrial food sectors. However, they can be used at homes too.

They make use of point-and-shoot operation. Most do have laser light technology to help users effectively target the infrared beam. Users can determine the temperature levels when they know the level of infrared energy the electric smoker emits.

Wireless Probe thermometers

These are ideal for BBQ smoking. You can check the real time temperature with these models by leaving then inside the meat. It reads and updates whenever there is a change in the meat temperature. With this thermometer you don’t need to disturb the meat, s the probe is permanently placed in the meat until is cooked.

Thermometers with Smart App enablement

To make things a little more interesting and convenient, some temperatures can be linked to your smart app. With these types, you don’t need to stay close to the electric smoker. You can quickly check on the temperature by looking at your smart phone. Once the temperature reaches the limit, there is beep sound that will inform you. This makes sure you are still watching over your food even though you are not very close.


One good thing about thermometers is the fact that they are very easy to read. With the light indicator, you will be able to see the temperature level. Even the meat probes are easy to use. BBQ smoking is an enjoyable experience if you cook with the right electric smother. Of course, a thermometer is one of the most important features in your smoker. It will help you cook the meat to the right done level.

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Buttonscotch Egg

The awesome power of butterscotch.

Sit down in front of our Buttonscotch egg and something incredible happens: the world around you seems to disappear, and you lose yourself in crunchy, golden butterscotch pieces and white chocolate buttons.

To create this stunning Easter experience, we pushed every limit, considered every detail and enhanced this egg in astonishing ways.

Bring on the butterscotch.

Bring on the butterscotch.
The delicious crunchy butterscotch chips are created in Snowdonia, Wales where the golden brown sugar and butter is boiled to 146°C.
Smooth buttons.

Smooth buttons.
Creamy, velvet-like, vanilla white chocolate is used to make our gorgeous buttons. Each one, carefully selected and set amongst the golden crunchy chocolate-coated butterscotch pieces.
The power of the ring.

The power of the ring.
A unique shimmering and golden chocolate ring encircles the nest of crunchy butterscotch chips and velvety white chocolate buttons on our Buttonscotch Egg.

Which egg is for you?

Some eggs were designed to be eaten. These are no eggs-ception.

Your local Easter Egg‑sperts.

Simply pop into your local store and ask one of our helpful Co-operative staff (most of them are chocolate-lovers).
They’ll happily show you where to find our Easter range in store.

A Triumph In Eggonomics

The ultimate Easter experience.

Introducing three stunning eggs for Easter. Created with precision, innovation and milk chocolate. Each egg in The Co-operative Loved by Us range is set to redefine your Easter experience. We’ve made incredible leaps in design at every level to create a range of beautifully crafted eggs. All ready to be eaten straight out of the box.

A range that will delight you.

From the polished chocolate shell to the specially selected ingredients, every single detail has been carefully considered.


Popcorn Egg

Definitely not built to last.

Engineered down to the very last detail. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of milk chocolate and salted popcorn pieces, that feels like one continuous surface.

Smooth ovoid shape.

The milk chocolate is spun for 10 minutes at 12 rotations every minute to create a gorgeous shell of true elliptical beauty.

Nuts about hazelnuts.

Nuts about hazelnuts.
The best and largest Belgian roasted hazelnuts are slowly caramelised in traditional open copper kettles. They just taste better that way.
Popcorn power.

Popcorn power.
The unpopped kernels are coated and popped in coconut oil to give the popcorn a delicious nutty flavour.
Visually stunning

Visually stunning.
We select three milk chocolate drops and place them by hand, on the front of our Popcorn Egg. Only the luckiest ones are chosen.

Popping Candy Egg

Unleash its hidden potential.

This is an egg like no other. Its tongue-tingling secret ingredient is almost too small to be seen with the naked eye; milk chocolate infused with popping candy. Powerful and alluring, all your senses are drawn to its vivid colours, gentle curves, and beautiful ovoid design.

Made for vegetarians.

All three of the irresistible chocolate eggs in our range are suitable for vegetarians. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.
Don’t be greedyShare this egg

Amazing colours.

Amazing colours.
A combo of five of our favourite jelly beans, with 100% natural flavourings, brings a kaleidoscope of colour to this Easter party
Party in your mouth.

Party in your mouth.
Popping candy blended into the milk chocolate makes every bite a tingle-tastic, tap-dancing experience on your tastebuds.
Hi-definition crunch.

Hi-definition crunch.
Delicious milk chocolate beans encased in sugar-coated shells add to the advanced brightness and unique vibrancy of this colourful egg.